An open API for developers to get election data.

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It's not easy to find ballot data!

Have you ever tried to find out all of the information about the upcoming elections in your area? What candidates are running, what referendums are being voted on, where is your poling place? All of these questions can be answered with enough Googling, but there doesn't seem to be one place to find all of that information! Vttr is going to try and help fix that. We're starting by building an API developers can use to build other services using this data.

Our Intentions

Build an Open API

We will build the API using best practices and in an open and collaborative way.

Gather Local Data

We will list who's running for President, who's running for mayor of your small town, and more!

Build a Collaborative Community

We will work with the community to gather data and build out the service.

Data Security

We will encrypt all of our services and protect all data.